Greece Escorted Tours


Despite being only a quarter Greek, this heritage has been a cornerstone of my upbringing and personality for as long as I can remember. I was christened in the Orthodox Church and have been lucky enough to visit this country at least once for every year of my life. I took my love of Greece further by studying Ancient History at university and visiting as many archaeological sites I could find.

Greece is roughly 80% mountains, boasts over 6,000 islands and is synonymous with the ‘wine dark’ sea. A relatively new country, she was forged from wars of independence with the Ottomans in the early 19th century, she suffered heavily under the yoke of Nazi Germany, tore herself apart with a bloody civil war and, more recently, has been associated with financial crisis. Yet she endures and remains a firm favourite for travellers worldwide.

In 2017, I brought with me to Prestige Holidays a portfolio of Greece escorted tours including the Dramatic Peloponnese, with its famous sites of Delphi, Olympia and Mystras. An Ionian Odyssey traces the footsteps of our tragic Odysseus across Ithaca and her neighbours, and both itineraries feature the insights of our academic guide, the eclectic Dr Christina Hatzimichael-Whitley. I’m happy to say that these have all been successful, so, for 2020, I present the enticing Island Hopping the Cyclades, more of an introductory tour of the highlights of the Aegean islands. I hope to see you on one of our Greece escorted tours.

As the Greeks say: “Kalo Taxidi.”

Alexander Oliver, Greek specialist