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Discover culture, castles and counts on our Romania Revisited escorted tour. Join us as we travel to Dracula’s Castle, Prince Charles’ private home, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more, all supplemented with fascinating lectures from expert Paul Davies.

Romania is one of Eastern Europe’s best hidden gems – which is why we’ve handcrafted an excellent and unique ten-day excursion there to discover all it has to offer. From castles with fascinating histories, to royalty both new and old, to enough culture to keep you captivated for the entire visit, this country deserves to be at the top of your travel list.


We begin our escorted tour in Sinaia with a visit to the striking, elaborately decorated Peles Castle. However, the chateau-turned-landmark that is often at the top of our clients’ must-see lists is Bran Castle, often referred to as Dracula’s Castle due to the similarities it bears to the home of the vampire count in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. We visit this spooky citadel on the sixth day.


Romania’s royalty are some of the most infamous around – and perhaps the most well-known is Vlad the Impaler. We will visit his birthplace, the town of Sighisoara, as well as the site of his death, a church in the village of Snagov. We will also take you to his final resting place: a tomb by Lake Snagov.

Funnily enough, Romania is also connected to a modern (and far less bloody) royal: Prince Charles. Viscri, a village in the Transylvania region, holds one of his private residences. The building has been restored and is a great example of the area’s traditional style. Our escorted tour stops at his home and even allows time to sample one of the local drinks.


History isn’t all you’ll encounter on our escorted tour – there is also a fair amount of culture. While in Viscri, we will take you to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a fortified peasant church. A few days later, while in Targu Mures, we tour the Palace of Culture, which houses a library, a museum and the state philharmonic orchestra.

Private Talks

Our escorted tour is supplemented with three insightful lectures from Paul Davies, a news correspondent who has been working in the television industry for 35 years. He has reported on everything from war-torn Yugoslavia to Romanian children during the revolution. In fact, this country holds a special place in his heart – his first foreign broadcast was in Bucharest. His talks will give you a fascinating look into Romania’s rich history, particularly his favourite subject: the political uprising of 1989.